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koLibRI -
kopal Library for Retrieval and Ingest
sponsored by Federal Ministry of Education and Research

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kopal Library for Retrieval and Ingest

The kopal Library for Retrieval and Ingest (koLibRI) represents a library of Java tools that have been developed for the interaction with the DIAS system of IBM within the kopal project. It has been designed with the intention to be re-usable as a whole or in parts within other contexts, too.

The kopal projects provides the koLibRI software (kopal tools) for the interested public, hoping that other projects or developments can profit by these results. The intention is that cultural heritage institutions and others interested in the long-term preservation of digital materials, can analyze and evaluate in order to check if or how these tools would potentially fit into own software architectures or into own archiving concepts. As the project is being funded by federal means, the results or conclusions of the evaluations and/or tests of the software can be layed open to the public.

However, the present koLibRI software cannot be used to access the actual archiving system in Goettingen, implemented by the project. Currently, any usage of that system is exclusively being carried out by the German National Library and the Goettingen State and University Library.

koLibRI is being provided in full functionality and a stable state after the succesful completion of the project.

The present release is being provided for free download without further support. Previous versions of the koLibRI can be provided on request. Feedback on experiences with the software can be send via the  kopal contact form

koLibRI GIT Repository


koLibRI Download Version 1.0

 Documentation (PDF file 3.1 MB, 25 July 2007)

 kopal Library for Retrieval and Ingest (ZIP file 14.3 MB, 5 June 2009, MD5 Hash: FD119A367F4CC536C304758E775D9243)

 koLibRI Web Service (ZIP file 14.2 MB, 23 July 2007, MD5-Hash: 44EC1B11F3BF19ABA183C50EF0C1DC46)

 koLibRI Javadoc Documentation (ZIP file 1.1 MB, 23 July 2007, MD5-Hash: 1DECB4485BD200D13737A1225F5EBCB2)

Specification of DIAS Interfaces

 Digital Information Archiving System - SIP Interface Specification
PDF file 321 KB (June 2007)

 Digital Information Archiving System - DIP Interface Specification
PDF file 243 KB (March 2006)


The present kopal software represents an experimental software (so-called "beta release"). The software and its specification could include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. Changes are periodically added to the information therein; these changes will be incorporated into new versions of the specification, if any. The usage of the software is at one's own risk. The kopal project or its supporting institutions in no event will be liable for any damages to hardware and software, lost data or other special, indirect, consequential incidential or punitive damages however caused, arising or related to any use of the specification or the software.
In some countries, the cryptographical software or other components contained in the kopal software may be subject to special export regulations or software patents. In such cases the software may not be distributed to and within those countries.


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