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koLibRI -
kopal Library for Retrieval and Ingest
sponsored by Federal Ministry of Education and Research

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Current Informational Material

Here you can find current information about kopal that can be used in the media as well as for learning more about kopal:

 The kopal Services
PDF file 131 KB (March 2007, in German)

 The kopal Flyer
PDF file 502 KB (June 2006, in English and German)

 The kopal Brochure
PDF file 720 KB (September 2006)

 The kopal Demonstrator
Shockwave/Flash file 8 MB (September 2006)


Please find the presentations of the event on 18 June in Frankfurt here:

 "kopal goes live!" - Nutzungsmodelle und Perspektiven eines Langzeitarchivs digitaler Informationen, Mr Altenhöner, DNB
PDF file 512 KB (in German)

 Kooperation & Nachnutzung der kopal-Lösung, Mr Klaproth, SUB
PDF file 170 KB (in German)

 Technik der kopal-Lösung, Mr Steinke, DNB
PDF file 170 KB (in German)

 Betrieb und Hosting an der GWDG, Ms Ullrich, GWDG
PDF file 228 KB (in German)

 DIAS - Entwicklung und Preismodell, Jürgen P. Schwarz, IBM
PDF file 381 KB (in German)

 koLibRI - Workflows und Tools, Mr Ludwig, SUB
PDF file 676 KB (in German)

Press Releases

 kopal goes live - Langzeitarchiv geht in den Routinebetrieb
PDF file 50 KB (13 June 2007, in German)

 kopal veröffentlicht ein neues Release seiner Software koLibRI - Open Source-Software mit neuen Funktionalitäten
PDF file 69 KB (13 March 2007, in German)

 Digitales Langzeitarchiv nimmt Produktivbetrieb auf
PDF file 43 KB (25 September 2006, in German)

 kopal and nestor present themselves at the CeBIT 2006, March 9-15, at the stand of the BMBF
PDF file 58 KB (28 February 2006, in German)

 Press release concerning the test of the kopal archival system
PDF file 127 KB (20 December 2005, in German)

 Press release concerning the new kopal website
PDF file 230 KB (14 October 2005, in German)

 Presentation of kopal at the Frankfurt Book Fair
PDF file 604 KB (October 2005, in German)

kopal in the Press

Here you will find articles, releases, and interviews concerning kopal as published in the media:

 Data that last [Daten von Dauer]
MP3 file 1.7 MB
Report on CeBIT from "Forschung aktuell" of 10 March 2005 (in German)

Technical Documentation

Here you can find technical information concerning kopal:

 Digital Information Archiving System - SIP Interface Specification
PDF file 321 KB (June 2007)

 Digital Information Archiving System - DIP Interface Specification
PDF file 243 KB (March 2006)

 Universal Object Format - An archiving and exchange format for digital objects
PDF file 110 KB (February 2006)

 Evaluation of strategies for local unpacking and transmission of compressed objects of a digital archive
PDF file 221 KB (2005, in German)
A Paper from the German National Library


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