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German National Library
(Deutsche Nationalbibliothek)

The German National Library's reason for participating in the development of kopal is based on its interest in the development of a sustainable solution for long-term archiving of the rapidly increasing number of German electronic publications on the Internet.

The German National Library has significant experience and expertise as the German National Library, in international standards development, and in the management of an extensive collection of German electronic dissertations and Internet publications.

The responsibilities that the German National Library has within the kopal project are the administration of the project as a whole (Reinhard Altenhoener,  r.altenhoener@d-nb.de), the design of the technical requirements, and the incorporation of its experience in the collecting and archiving of Internet publications and in international cooperation.

Partner Project Manager at the German National Library:

Tobias Steinke:  t.steinke@d-nb.de

German National Library:  www.d-nb.de/eng/index.htm


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