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Work Packages

The Pilot Phase consists of the following two work packages:

P1: Test Scenarios

In this phase, the German National Library and the Niedersaechsische Staats- und Universitaetsbibliothek Goettingen (Goettingen State and University Library), with the cooperation of the Gesellschaft fuer wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung mbH Goettingen (GWDG) and IBM Deutschland GmbH, will conduct separate and joint tests for evaluating the  Digital Information Archiving System (DIAS). These tests include the testing of load, size limitations, error handling, etc.

P2: Object Format und Detail Specification

The German National Library and the Goettingen State and University Library will define an object format for the import and administration of digital objects which will meet the needs of both partners. Its support by  DIAS-Core will be developed in the Development Phase. The German National Library, the Goettingen State and University Library, and IBM will formulate the details of the  object specification and develop a more detailed work plan for the Development Phase.


The Development Phase consists of the following four work packages:

E1: Basic development and deployment of DIAS-Core

The GWDG is responsible for providing the required hardware in this phase. IBM will adapt  DIAS-Core, the core component, to the needs of the partners, especially for purposes of cooperative use. This includes support for the defined object format. Multi-client capability ensures flexible and scalable access to the system. Remote access allows a client to use the system without being bound to one particular location. Thus, multi-client capability and remote access allow for new participants in the future.

E2: Implementation of DIAS-Core Interface

Using DIAS-Core as a basis, the German National Library and the Goettingen State and University Library will implement software which provides for the transfer of existing and future materials as well as for access to the long-term archive. These external services were especially intended for later use by third parties and therefore are in accord with international standards. Furthermore, publishing of the source code for the  kopal tools is planned.

E3: Preservation Planning und Bitstream Preservation

The three partners, IBM, the German National Library, and the Goettingen State and University Library, with the cooperation of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (National Library of the Netherlands), will develop a sustainable plan for preservation planning in order to deal with the identification of digital objects which, due to technological change, would otherwise no longer be accessible. The plan that is developed is to be implemented within the kopal solution. A basis for this is found in bitstream preservation, i.e., the secure and loss-free long-term preservation of digital objects. The required strategies for storage, migration, and emulation will be developed by the project partners.

E4: Test acquisition of existing materials

As soon as the necessary hardware and software infrastructures have been developed, the German National Library and the Goettingen State and University Library will import a selection from their existing materials in order to demonstrate the practical use of the  kopal solution with a variety of objects in various formats. This is intended to result both in reusable procedures for delivery from digital archives as well as in discussions with national suppliers.


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