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Goettingen SUB

The motivation for the Goettingen State and University Library's involvement is based on its interest in the long-term availability of digitized knowledge and information content for researchers and students.

The Goettingen State and University Library's area of expertise is based on its experience as a service-oriented information service-provider and from its innovation orientation, as attested by its development of more than twenty projects in the field of digital libraries. The Goettingen State and University Library hosts the Goettinger DigitalisierungsZentrum (digitization center), a nation-wide center of expertise for digitization and metadata, as well as the Learning Resources Center (LRC), a center for medium-neutral publishing.

The responsibilities of the Goettingen State and University Library are the formulation of the METS-based object structure(s), the creation and programming of import and export routines for various file formats such as TIFF and TeX, the development of work flows for long-term archiving, and public relations for the kopal project.

Partner Project Manager at the Goettingen State and University Library:

Frank Klaproth:  klaproth@sub.uni-goettingen.de

SUB Goettingen:  www.sub.uni-goettingen.de


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